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Big Top (Gothic or Peanut Butter Glass) by Hazel Atlas

Pattern Description

Made during the 1950's by Hazel Atlas, this glassware was used by Big Top to package their peanut butter. It was sold with a metal lid and peanut butter packed inside the glasses. Hazel Atlas also sold the glasses, cups, saucers, and plates separately under the name of Gothic glassware. Peanut Butter glasses are frequently found at yard sales - it seems that nearly every cupboard has some of these floating around, left-over from the 1950's giveaway.

Detail of Decoration

This pattern was made in crystal and white (milk glass) and has a narrow band and a wide band of alternating open and hatched diamonds, with a sunburst on the bottoms of the pieces. The glasses are all footed.

Sample Glass

Big Top Crystal Tumbler

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