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EAPC - Early American Prescut by Anchor Hocking

Pattern Description

EAPC (Early American Prescut) was a popular line of glass made by Anchor Hocking from 1960 up until 1999, in crystal, amber, blue green, red and black. Often called the "Star of David" pattern, this glass was sold in dimestores and discount outlets, and used as give-aways or prizes at fairs and other events. My sister won a table set at the local fair back in the '60's and gave it to me for a wedding present - I carted that box of glassware halfway around the world to Guam and back!

Detail of Decoration

This pattern features large stars (Star of David design), along with oval sunbursts. The plates and larger bowls have a big six pointed star pattern of grooves on the bottom.

Sample Plate (13.5 in. dia.)

EAPC Crystal Plate 13.5 in.

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