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Sharon (Cabbage Rose) by Federal Glass Company

Pattern Description

Sharon or Cabbage Rose was made by Federal Glass Company from 1935 to 1939 in pink, green, amber, and some crystal. The original colors made in this pattern were very subdued, pale colors. Beware of reproductions (sugar, creamer, candy dish, cheese dish, butter dish, salt and pepper) made from 1976 on in deep shades of blue, dark green, light green, pink, cobalt blue, opalescent blue, red and burnt umber. The reproductions, in addition to being bright colors, are generally thicker, with poorly defined flowers.

Detail of Decoration

The Sharon or Cabbage Rose pattern has sprays of well-defined cabbage roses, stems and leaves on a wide panel alternated with a very narrow panel giving a double vertical ribbed appearance in between the wider panels.

Sample Sharon Cup

Sharon amber cup

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